We are a boutique Intellectual Property, Technology and Media law firm located in Toronto, Canada. We provide specialized transactional and litigation services and expert commercial advice for a reasonable cost.

At Hayes eLaw LLP, we’re doing things a bit differently

Number One

First, we believe that clients deserve expert legal advice delivered with a personal touch and for a reasonable price. We focus on specific industries and areas of law in which we have extensive experience and knowledge and can operate efficiently.

Number Two

Second, we keep overhead to a minimum. efficient operations allow us to keep rates lower. Clients find expert advice and services are very cost-effective.

Number Three

Third, we are flexible in negotiating alternative fee arrangements, such as block rates, monthly retainers and fixed fees for specific work, but we will also quote you on hourly rates and lawyers will be efficient in the use of those hours. We are also striving to make the practice more efficient through the use of technology.

Please review the descriptions of practice areas for details on how we assist clients. If you’d like more information about any of services, contact Mark Hayes at mark@hayeselaw.com or 416-966-3529.



Hayes eLaw LLP provides a wide range of commercial services to technology companies of all types and sizes. We negotiate and draft a variety of technology agreements, including confidentiality and non-competition agreements, licensing agreements, design and development agreements, distribution agreements, service level and maintenance agreements, technology and software escrow agreements, Web and mobile user terms and conditions and other on-line agreements and government procurement agreements for IT, telecom and electronic goods and services. We have particular expertise in the licensing and distribution of entertainment and media products in the online and mobile environment.

Intellectual Property

At Hayes eLaw LLP, we understand that your intellectual property is the backbone of your business and we provide the expert services necessary for you to be able to protect and leverage your IP assets. We provide commercial and litigation solutions to a wide variety of intellectual property issues, including registrations, licensing, assignments and other exploitation of copyright, trade-marks and trade secrets. lawyers have also been involved in providing IP support in numerous corporate transactions. We work with associated professionals throughout the world to ensure that clients can obtain global protection for their IP assets.

Mark Hayes has been at the forefront of copyright reform issues for many years. In 1997, he was the author of the copyright section of “Cyberspace is Not A ‘No-Law’ Land”, the ground-breaking Industry Canada study on Internet liability issues. He has represented numerous organizations and trade associations in understanding and influencing the direction of Canadian copyright law and policy.


At Hayes eLaw LLP, we assist a wide range of clients in compliance and contractual issues relating to Canadian privacy law and practice, including drafting and reviewing privacy policies and procedures and designing personal information practices to ensure compliance. We have also assisted many companies in planning for and responding to data breaches and other privacy compliance issues.

We also have extensive experience in freedom of information and government disclosure issues, especially as they impact on commercial organizations. We assist clients in developing strategies for protecting confidential business information from disclosure by government agencies, and have also been involved in creating corporate intelligence strategies using federal and provincial freedom of information statutes and regulations to collect competitive data about other industry players.

Mark Hayes has been a leader in Canadian privacy law since 1998. He has spoken and written extensively on privacy issues, and is the author of the critically-acclaimed “Privacy Law in Canada”, a treatise on Canadian privacy law included in the US publication “Proskauer on Privacy”. Mark has particular experience dealing with privacy issues in the financial services, marketing, e-commerce and broadcasting industries.

Media and Entertainment

Hayes eLaw LLP lawyers have acted for a wide range of media and entertainment clients, including broadcasters, television and film producers, and distributors, sports teams and leagues and individual performers and procures. We also have a wide range of experience in touring and talent arrangements relating to live theatre and performances.

In addition to extensive experience before the Copyright Board of Canada, we have made submissions to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and Advertising Standards Canada and have litigated many disputes involving media and entertainment companies.


We prepare, negotiate and provide advice on a wide variety of commercial technology, intellectual property, media and e-commerce contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, supply, sale, distribution, licensing, outsourcing, marketing and manufacturing agreements. We also assist in drafting and reviewing contests and advertising copy. We have particular depth of experience in dealing with commercial issues in the e-commerce, retailing, advertising, marketing and broadcasting industries.

Our approach to commercial contracts is tough but flexible, technically proficient but not dogmatic. While we strive to ensure that each agreement we negotiate is clear and accurate, we concentrate on the contractual issues that are critical to client in order to minimize costs and get the deal done.